Is Sales Really A Numbers Game?

We’ve all heard it before… “Sales is a Numbers Game”… What if the Sales Managers, Sales Guru’s and Sales Trainers got it WRONG?

Seriously, have you ever asked yourself why does everybody believe Sales is a Numbers Game?

Why is it that in order to make a sale, we have to speak to a significantly higher number of prospects to get that one sale? Why?

I really hope I’m pushing some buttons in your brain right now because that is my intention.

Think about it, what does speaking to all of these prospects actually cost us in time and money? Our time is more precious than ever these days, we don’t want to spend hours and hours, even days in some cases, away from our families and loved ones, trying to make the sale & the proverbial dollar!

Marketing budgets are getting blown out of the water with rising costs and less sales. Sales staff, vehicle costs, the list goes on. Some days feel like a never ending road of despair with disappointment after disappointment as the it’s too expensive, I want to think about it, I have to speak with my wife/husband excuses keep rolling in…

I’m sure you are getting the picture, however, please do stick with me I actually, do have a solution 😊

For me personally, I have to admit I have thought about this statement from time to time, over the years, however never really put any emphasis on it, until, 9 months ago, when I crossed paths with my new friend, Cheri Tree. Now Cheri is a very successful entrepreneur who has turned this myth absolutely on its head!

However, in the beginning it wasn’t an easy road for her, like most of us, she started out in sales with very little success. Decided to read the books, listen to, and attended the trainings from the sales gurus, got a mentor, and managed to get her income to a modest 5 figure. This wasn’t the success she was striving for, so she started asking questions, was it simply that she wasn’t meant to be a salesperson or was it the process that was broken?

What popped out the other end was mind blowing and the sales started rolling in and her income began to skyrocket to six figures then 7. Folks began to stand up and take notice and wanted in.

Luckily for me, Cheri cares about humanity and wants to share, she let me in on her secret, introduced me to her community and the significance of values, authentic communication, relationships, and teamwork.

From there I saw the big picture, the research & development and expertise, along with the technology that had gone into developing the process, making it, the huge success, that, it is today. And now, my sales and that of my team are improving on a daily basis, even in these challenging times.

If you are ready to STOP playing the “Sales is a Numbers Game” and instead discover how you can unlock the secret, the science, the system, & the proven solution to supercharge your sales in record time while talking to less people and spending more time with your family… ‘Click Here’ you will get instant access to a FREE pre-recorded masterclass by Cheri, where she shares her wisdom of this incredible methodology.

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