Who & What is B.A.N.K. ?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

B.A.N.K. primarily is known as the world’s only sales methodology, scientifically validated*, to actually predict buying behaviour in less than 90 seconds, however once you begin to understand and embrace the B.A.N.K. methodology, you clearly see it’s a whole lot more…

This is a snapshot of what folks around the world in over 100 countries are experiencing:

Increased Income

Improved Sales Skills

Ability to Close More Sales in Less Time

Businesses Flourishing & Thriving in Any Economy

Self Confidence Boosted

Relationships with Spouses, Family, Friends, Children, Customers, Work Colleagues, Basically Anyone who You Interact with Dramatically Improved

(This alone is worth its weight in GOLD!)

Communication Skills Enhanced in Both Spoken & Written

Marriages Saved

Suicides Prevented (Powerful!)

Bullying Reduced

And the list goes on…

Cheri Tree created and developed B.A.N.K. due to her own personal frustrations in the sales process. Like most of us she struggled to get her income above a modest figure, even after studying every piece of sales material she could get her hands on.

However, it wasn’t until she began to question the sales process, that a pathway opened up for her, where she reversed-engineered the personality type, basing it in “Buyology” – the science of buying behaviour, rather than psychology, to understand why customers bought and what actually triggered the ‘Yes’ versus the ‘No’! Her theory was that if it had been proven by Hippocrates that there were four different personality types or four temperaments, then it could be possible that each type made buying decisions differently. (Smart lady!)

Armed with her new sales system and process which she called B.A.N.K. (Acronym for the Four Personality Types – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing & Knowledge) Cheri grew her yearly income from $72k to over $500k in just 12 months and too well over a $1m in 3 Years!!

Cheri has now joined forces with the dynamic Esther Wildenburg and together they have founded Codebreaker Technologies which is fast becoming a powerful force in the global marketplace. Applying personality intelligence combined with sales intelligence and emotional intelligence, business owners and entrepreneurs alike are discovering this is a tremendous way to get ahead of the competition.

Now with the introduction of CODEBREAKER AI, the world’s first artificial intelligence powered by B.A.N.K. its even more powerful! Featured in Forbes as the “Future of Sales” along with invitations to speak at the United Nations “AI for Good” conference (twice) are just some of the accomplishments achieved by this company so far.

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